Notary acts

In accordance with article 44 of the Consular Charter of the Republic of Azerbaijan the consuls fulfills the following notarial acts:

1) confirming transactions (contracts, testaments, power of attorney etc) except the contracts on expropriation of immovable property situated on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

2) taking measures to protection of family heritage,

3) issuing certificates on right to family heritage,

4) issuing certificates on right to share in community property,

5) attesting the authenticity of document copies and extracts,

6) attesting the authenticity of signatures on documents,

7) attesting the authenticity of translation of documents,

8) confirming that a citizen is alive,

9) confirming the location of a citizen,

10) confirming the identity of a citizen correlates with a person depicted on a photo,

11) confirming the time of submission of documents,

12) holding money and securities in escrow,

13) confirmation of creditor details,

14) the safekeeping documents,

15) providing legal attendance,

16) taking marine protests

Fees for the services mentioned above are chargeable in accordance with current regulations.

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