Information of the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On November 7, 2020, the villages of Barda district outside the frontline zone of Azerbaijan were intensively shelled by the Armenian armed forces with rockets and heavy artillery.

Armenia, violating the existing humanitarian ceasefire, continues its criminal activities, targeting the Azerbaijani civilian population, disregarding international humanitarian law and its obligations.

One civilian, a 16-year-old teenager was killed in a shell attack on a private house in Yeni Ayrija village of Barda district today, thus bringing the number of Azerbaijani civilians killed as a result of Armenia's new aggression against Azerbaijan to 93 since September 27.

We strongly condemn Armenia's continuing aggression policy and shelling the civilians, contrary to the norms and principles of international law and disrespecting the efforts of international mediators. We demand from Armenia immediate and unconditional withdrawal of its armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan still remaining under occupation, in accordance with the requirements of the international community, including UN Security Council resolutions. The elimination of the occupation and the return of IDPs to their homes is an important condition for lasting peace in the region.

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