Press-release of the Press Service Department of the MFA of the Republic of Azerbaijan on rocket shelling the Azerbaijani civilians and civilian infrastructure by Armenia

On October 4, 2020 the Armed Forces of Armenia continued targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure in Tartar city, as well as Horadiz city of Fuzuli district with rocket fires. The second biggest city of Azerbaijan, Ganja was under rocket fire from the territory of Armenia.

As a result of the deliberate shelling by Armenia, until now 22 Azerbaijani civilians, including 2 schoolchildren were killed and 74 injured.

The purposeful targeting of civilians and civilian objects by Armenia is a flagrant violation of international law, including international humanitarian law. Despite numerous warnings by the Azerbaijani side, including via the relevant international organizations, the continuation of the targeted attacks on civilians by the armed forces of Armenia is a clear demonstration of the purposeful killing of innocent people and continuation of the aggression policy of Armenia.

We underline that this military provocation by Armenia is aimed at the conscious worsening of the situation on the ground and demonstrates the intention of Armenia to enlarge the zone of hostilities and scope of military operations. The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan will take adequate countermeasures to protect its civilians.

We urge Armenia to obey norms and principles of international law, including its obligations under the international humanitarian law, and implement the demands of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council for immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. We reiterate that full responsibility for the deterioration of the situation in the region lies on the leadership of Armenia.

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