Azerbaijan's Minister of Taxes Fazil Mammadov received Director General of the Estonian Tax and Customs Department Marek Helm

On November 22, the Minister of Taxes, 1st degree adviser for state tax service Fazil Mammadov received Marek Helm, the Director General of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, which operates under the Ministry of Finance.

The minister gave a wide range of information about the work done by President Ilham Aliyev on sustainable development of non-oil sector, reforms of fiscal policy and tax system of Azerbaijan. He reported that in the last 10 years intentional actions have been taken to modernize the tax system based on the international experience, to create perfect technological electronic relations between the tax authorities and the taxpayers, and to establish information systems with extensive analysis base.

The Minister emphasized the constant improvement of the national tax system and gave information about the resolution of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 4,  2016 concerning the approval of "the directions of the reforms to be made in the field of taxation in 2016" and the development of tax disobedience. He noted that the main targets are further improvement of the business environment, creation of more favorable conditions for entrepreneurs and extension of their rights, development in taxation and increasing efficiency of tax control.

Referring to the achievement of Azerbaijan's tax incumbency, F. Mammadov said that according to the World Bank's "Doing Business" report for 2016, the country is ranked in the top 5 states of business registration and ranked 40th according to the tax payment criteria. Since 2013, the implementation of the "Easy Signature" project and the creation of the security system enabled the user to determine the digital suitability via mobile phones. The "Easy Signature" project with Estonian experts is regarded as a new stage in the establishment of the "Mobile Government" and the implementation of next generation electronic services.

Recognizing the economic resilience observed in the Azerbaijani economy, Marek Helm, General Director of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, appreciated the government's continued development of the non-oil sector and the increase in oil revenues, as well as reforms in the tax system. Marek Helm informed the Minister of Taxes about the activities and development aspects of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for the years 2017-2020, noting that he was very pleased with the joint cooperation with Azerbaijan in the creation of modern technological tools such as "Easy Signature".

During the meeting, the relations between Azerbaijan and Estonia, especially further development of economic cooperation, and other issues of mutual interest were discussed.  

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