Joint Press Release of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs on damages inflicted upon civilians and civil objects as result of recent provocation of Armenia

Joint Press Release of the Press Services of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan

In the recent days by flagrantly violating the ceasefire regime and the requirements of international law, the Armenian armed forces have set to fire with large-caliber weapons, mortars, grenade launchers and artillery towards the frontline position of Azerbaijan as well as the non-residential areas and civilian facilities away from the contact line.

As the result of recent provocative and subversive acts which took place on April 2, attempts to murder and intentional destruction of citizens private property in large amounts, the murder civilian population with the intention of ethnic hatred cases were recorded. 2 civilians lost their lives while 10 persons sustained various wounds. The citizens faced large amounts of financial loss and received serious mental harm. One primary school, numerous houses, facilities and manufacturing plants were shot by artillery and many vehicles and high voltage power lines were damaged.

On the same day at 08:00 one of the missiles launched in direction of Qaraghaci village of Tartar region made an impact on the vehicle, model “VAZ 2107” driven by the settler Rahimov Jalal Saday which resulted in the death by blood loss of the passenger Rahimov Orkhan Valeh born 1993, who also was Qaraghaci village settler, from loss of both legs and various shrapnel wounds. The driver of the vehicle Jalal Rahimov and Ahmadov Ramin Rafig, born 1990, who was nearby the vehicle during the impact received numerous shrapnel wounds.

In addition, on the same day at 12:00 as the result of Armenian side’s artillery shots one of the missiles impacted the house of Ahmadov Isa Ali, located in the same village. As a result I.Ahmadov was checked in at the Barda Central region hospital with numerous shrapnel wound all over his body.

At 19:20 one of the missiles launched in direction of Shikharkh village made an impact on the vehicle, model “Niva-2121” driven by the settler Aliyev Sadig Natig, born 1987. At the result the passenger of the vehicle Asadli Farman Elchin, born 1992, passed away from blood loss caused by the numerous shrapnel wounds. Driver and the other passenger Rahimov Mubariz Vagif, born 1982 received numerous shrapnel wounds.

At 20:00 Aghdam region, Efetli village settler Huseynov Jumshud Islam, born 1953, was wounded on his back by the result of an explosion near his house caused by missile shot from a cannon by Armenian armed forces. He was immediately checked in to hospital.

In the time lapse of 21:00 as the result of enemy artillery shots in the direction of Seydimli village one of the missiles made an impact on the house of the village settler Valiyev Vahid Vali, born 1951 wounding him and his grandson Sanan Valizade born 2003, very badly.

On 2nd of April the inhabitant of the Garaguchag village of Goranboy region Ibrahimov Abdulazim Mursal, born 1938 and Allahverdiyev Abbas Shiraslan, born 1974, inhabitant of Tapgaragoyunlu village were badly wounded as the result of missiles launched by the Armenian side.

One of the missiles launched by the Armenian Armed Forces completely destroyed the house of Terter city settler Kruglova Olga Ivanova born 1949.

In regards with all the cases mentioned above, criminal cases were filed in accordance with the relevant Articles of the Criminal Code and necessary investigations are being carried out.

The tasks put forward by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev at the meeting of the Security Council to protect the public order in combat areas, to ensure the safety of civilians is carried out accordingly by the relevant law enforcement bodies and the operational situation is held under control.


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